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Handmade One-of-a-Kind, limited edition,
and custom rosaries, chaplets and jewelry

Testimonies from Our Satisfied Customers

Creating rosaries is a labor of love for us.
It is a calling to which we responded, "Yes," over twelve years ago.  
Much time, love and prayer go into each item before it is placed on a web page for sale.  
Our goal is to offer you an artful rosary which will become an important part of your prayer life. Often, we are blessed to receive letters from people who have purchased our rosaries.
We so appreciate these testimonies and would like to share some of them.
We sincerely thank everyone who has purchased a rosary or chaplet from us. 
Mostly, we thank God for bringing you to us.

I am blown away by the beautiful divine mercy rosary I ordered from you. It is big, substantial, elegantly presented in the box and beautiful satin zip case. I certainly will keep you in mind for any other rosary I may like. 
Thank you… 
Sincerely; Cinda 

I received my Servite Rosary today - it is beautiful. I also appreciated the lovely way it was packaged and wrapped. I am particularly grateful for the booklet you enclosed, explaining the Seven Sorrows Rosary. I expected just a little paper pamphlet and am very pleased with the durable booklet with your beautiful artwork. It will be a pleasure to pray with both the rosary and the booklet. 
Thank you for your ministry and service. 

I received the rosaries yesterday and was overwhelmed with the beauty of your creations. The photos on your website don't begin to reflect the color, design, and workmanship of the actual rosary. You've received a wonderful gift from God to guide us in our devotion to Christ and Mary. Thank you. 
Of the rosaries that I ordered, I intended a few for myself and others as gifts for family and friends. So I was even more impressed to see how you presented your rosaries in a beautiful silk pouch and boxed ready for gifting. How pleased I was with your sense of style. I was further pleased to find a printed copy of the description and reflection behind the creation of these rosaries. I intended to print them from your site and found that you anticipated my need. Speaking of these reflections, I found that you offered a deep insight into scripture and our Catholic heritage; these invite a corresponding reflection on my part as I meditate on the mysteries. I also appreciate the many wonderful selections at the $70 price point; this helps a lot. 
I plan to return soon to your site for other rosaries for myself and for gifts. As I pray these rosaries for the first time, I'll offer my intentions to Mary and her Son for your fruitful ministry. 

  Hi Marilyn!
What a phenomenal rosary!
When Brian saw it he even commented on its beauty. You're definitely talented!
  I'll keep your website and look back periodically. Thank you ever so much for bringing Our Lady's favorite prayers to us Catholics.
God Bless day after day.

Dear Marilyn: I wanted to let you know that I received the Servite Rosary in today’s mail. It is incredibly beautiful! I sat down to open the box alongside my husband, and we both sat there in stunned silence. How you were able to capture what my mind could not conceive is beyond my understanding. I cannot wait to present it to Dan. I know it was crafted by the Blessed Mother, My Mother, but it was through your openness to her, and your giving of your talent to bring a deeper devotion to our Lord that it was brought to realization. I know it will be incredibly meaningful and personal to Dan. I look forward to working with you again. 
Blessings! Nancy

I have been browsing your website and rosary catalog and would like to tell you that it is beautiful, prayerful, and meaningful beyond words. Browsing is like praying. Thank you for creating such beauty!
Thank you for sharing your faith and love in your products and overall presentation!

Hi Marilyn,
My lovely 7 Sorrows Rosary arrived on Monday and it is not only beautiful to look at but it is also so nice to use.
Thank you once again for your patience and encouragement as we worked out the details.
The presentation box, booklet, and silk blue rose bag are lovely touches of thoughtfulness too.
God Bless You and your work!
Peace, Love, and Harmony,

PERFECT!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much, dear Marilyn!!! :) It is SO very beautiful! And your writing is so lovely and thoughtful! Thank you so very much for your time, love, and heartfelt work of prayer and fine artistry. I love your attention to detail, and so will Renee!!!
Much love and gratitude for your beauty!

Dear Marilyn!
I received the rosary just in time!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It is beautiful!! How precious and thoughtful! Wow! How connected we will be!
love, love, love,

  Dear Marilyn,
The rosary arrived today and it is breathtaking and far exceeds my expectations. Thank you for your great work and fast service. The accompanying booklet about the rosary and Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a great bonus and helpful to have around. This rosary is particularly special to me since my birthday is June 27 and that is the day of commemoration for Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The silk case is a great addition and style, too, as many rosary cases are not very attractive. You are right when you say the Pater beads pull this design together as they are stunning and more attractive than any others I've seen. You really got this perfect!
I'll watch your web site for new designs from time to time. I seem to be collecting rosaries, but intend to use them all for prayer as well as for visual enjoyment. Thank you for creating them prayerfully and with the blessed intentions, you send with them.

Dear Marilyn!
I received my Priest Rosary yesterday and couldn't be happier! It is even more beautiful than its picture. The light catches the black onyx in just the way that Christ shines through our priests in the midst of the darkness of the world. The 2 vintage black and crystal collars tucked between the white marbles of the "priestly collar" each shine like the 7 capital virtues and the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit as we pray for sanctity and purity for our priests! (There appear to be 7 little crystal 'mirrors' on each vintage collar.) The Pardon Crucifix carries such a rich history and beautifully brings to mind thanksgiving for the priesthood for bringing us all the sacraments: the much-needed Sacrament of Reconciliation illustrated by this Crucifix, and the French Eucharist Lace Medal lifts our souls in praise of our precious Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament (which we wouldn't have present with us without a priest to consecrate it) . The Crucifix also reminds us of the tremendous burden that each priest must carry in joining Christ in His work of redemption; in daily dying to self for us, the Church.
I can see the touch of the Holy Spirit in this beautiful Rosary and am inspired to spend time daily in using it to plead with our Lord and our Lady to give our priests a deep faith, a bright and firm hope and a burning love for God and his people that will increase in the course of their priestly lives. They are in such need of our prayers!
I purchased a Seven Sorrows Chaplet today and look forward to praying with it as well...
Thank You again. Your work is truly inspired by God and very much appreciated!

Just had to e-mail you to thank you for my BEAUTIFUL rosary. I was so excited to get it earlier this week when I went to the post office to get the mail that was being held while we were away. I can't wait to show my friends. It is more than I expected.

Dear Marilyn & Melvin,
I just came home from Adoration on first Friday and am full of the joy of the Lord and so thankful for faithful servants like the two of you! When the Rosary for the Chaplet for the Dead arrived, my computer was down. But I want to take a moment now to thank you so much for such a beautiful Chaplet and decade rosary. The gold crucifix on the Chaplet is just lovely with the soft green beads. I prayed it today for some people special to me. I keep the decade rosary next to my bed to pray with when I wake in the night. The large Miraculous Medal of Mary with 4 medal cross is just perfect to hold in the dark. And I enjoy looking at it through the day, too! Is it St. Christopher on the right beam of the cross? I believe it's St. Joseph on the left? Every once in a while I'll grab it and pray a decade.
Your generous hearts are a beautiful witness to our loving God and Father and our Blessed Mother who cares for us all.
May Bless you and Keep you all your days,
Big Bear City

IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Bless you. I will treasure this always.
Thank you,

Dear Marilyn
Just to let you know that I have just received the Rosary and I am more than overjoyed at its beauty. I will carry it and let people know where to get one. The best way I think to promote Our Lady of Sorrows and the work you do with the Children in her name!

I visit other sites but keep coming back to you to buy my rosaries. 
They are so prayerfully thought out. Thank You!

Dear Marilyn
Firstly I must apologize for not writing as soon as the most beautiful Rosary Beads I have ever seen arrived so beautifully presented. I give thanks for all your beautiful, intricate and exquisite beads that you make with so much love and care.  I send you God’s blessings for all you do for his mother and may He always grant you the gift to create these beautiful Rosary beads so they may be spread throughout the world. May Our Blessed Mother never let go of your hand.

Just wanted to let you know that my mother Lydia received her chaplet today. She loves it and can feel
the love both you and your husband put into your "heavenly labor". God Bless You Both! Your website is
now in my favorites on my laptop.

Hello Marilyn,
I just want to touch base with you regarding the pro-life rosary I ordered from you. It is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much, it is a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law who is, along with my son, very committed to this cause.

Just wanted to thank you for the rosary.  Great job, thanks again.

Dear Marilyn and Melvin,
Just a note to tell you how much I am loving these rosaries, and to express my appreciation for the gift of your book. Both reflect the beautiful ministry your work is. What blessings your creativity and passion for the Rosary are! Thank you for sharing them. I have received so many compliments on your rosaries, and I'm always pleased to tell admirers about your website and special work of love.
Yours in Christ,

The books arrived safely today. The inscriptions are perfect. I want to congratulate you on a beautiful job well done. I just finished reading it and the tears are still on my cheeks. It is moving and wonderful.
Thank you so very much,

Just a quick note that I opened my package this week and the Rosary was absolutely stunning. I have not yet had time to meditate on the leaflet prayers - hoping to do so this Lenten season.
Again, WOW!

Thank you, Marilyn!
 My rosary is my friend! I feel like I have a personal relationship with your rosaries that I don't have with others...

  Hi Marilyn - The 40 bead St. Jude Chaplet is so beautiful! Such wonderful craftsmanship. I am so glad I was looking for one and found your site. Thank you for the incredibly lovely packaging. This chaplet was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

The rosaries arrived and they're just beautiful. My children can't wait to give them to their grandparents; for me, it's a real highlight of the whole celebration. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and working with me to create such a wonderful and lasting gift.
I'll certainly recommend you to others, as the need arises. And, of course, if I have a need, I'll be sure to call on you.
Thank you, again.

 Hi Marilyn,
You are such a sweet person. I really couldn't be more pleased. The Cana Rosary is something that I ordered because Mary has impressed that particular mystery on my heart lately. I was thinking of giving it as a wedding gift, but as of yet I do not even have anyone to give it to. There is no hurry. The Star of the Sea is my new personal rosary and it is so beautiful that I long to pray even more. The Flight Into Egypt rosary was a birthday gift for my friend who is dealing with the "Herod" of an abusive spouse. Her birthday is Dec. 24th but I gave it to her yesterday because I simply couldn't wait. She was very touched.
 The Servite rosary has the effect of drawing my soul to tears as I do my best to comfort Our Lady in her sorrows. And last but not least, I was so tickled to receive the gift you so graciously included in my order. What a treat! I will definitely be recommending your site to all of my friends and anyone else who will listen.
God Bless,

 Thank you, Marilyn. And I hope you know what a blessing your rosaries are. I appreciate, collect, and love praying with beautiful rosaries--and yours are some of the finest I have found. I really appreciate, also, the thoughtfulness of design and the explanatory and inspirational cards you include with each one. The Rosary is so rich and wonderful already, and your designs add another layer of depth to the experience of praying with them.
Peace and blessings,

Dear Marilyn,
I prayed with the rosary you sent me and just love it sooooo much.  It's gorgeous and so beautiful to meditate with. My husband & I went for a ride in the country on Sunday afternoon, and sat by a rambling small river and prayed a rosary w/the sorrowful mysteries. I really felt like I was w/Our Lady on
the Way of the Cross.  You most certainly are graced in the designs of your rosaries!! I feel like mine is just perfectly put together!!
So, after I finish this email, I'm immediately buying your 7 sorrows chaplet, which I can't wait either to receive or to rekindle this devotion. I've prayed the 7 sorrows devotion many yrs. back, but since
a renewed desire in my heart to like I said, rekindle it anew.
God Bless you for your great kindness in caring about my needs and wanting to make sure my desires were met! Our so very thoughtful of you! Our Lord and His Mother have truly blessed you both in this Important & Compassionate Ministry!! May They continue to Bless you Most Abu   ndantly,
In the Love, Peace, & Mercy of Christ our Saviour,
Now & Forever, Barb