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Handmade One-of-a-Kind, Limited Edition,
and Custom Rosaries, Chaplets and Jewelry

Sacred Heart of Jesus Rosary

"Behold this Heart which has loved men so much, and yet men do not want to love Me in return. Through you My divine Heart wishes to spread its love everywhere on earth." 
~ Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary in a vision ~


My God, I offer You all my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the intentions for which He pleads and offers Himself in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in thanksgiving for Your favors, in reparation for my sins, and in humble supplication for my temporal and eternal welfare, for the needs of our holy Mother the Church, for the conversion of sinners, and for the relief of the poor souls in purgatory

In his 1956 encyclical "Haurietis Aquas (On Devotion To The Sacred Heart), Pope Pius XII wrote, “Jesus knew and loved us each and all during his life, his agony and his Passion, and gave himself up for each one of us: "The Son of God. . . loved me and gave himself for me." He has loved us all with a human heart. For this reason, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, pierced by our sins and for our salvation," is quite rightly considered the chief sign and symbol of that. . . love with which the divine Redeemer continually loves the eternal Father and all human beings" without exception.” 
The prayer of the Church venerates and honors the Heart of Jesus just as it invokes His most holy name. It adores the incarnate Word and His Heart which, out of love for men, He allowed to be pierced by our sins. Christian prayer loves to follow the way of the cross in the Savior's steps. The stations from the Praetorium to Golgotha and the tomb trace the way of Jesus, who by His holy Cross has redeemed the world.  
~ The Catechism of the Catholic Church 2669 ~

Every element in this limited edition rosary, is symbolic of the Sacred Heart of Jesus represented by the image in its center. We begin with red jadeite glass Aves which are spaced with the same jadeite glass in a smaller bead. In the handmade lampwork Paters, clear glass encases a red background under hearts outlined in white. To keep continuity in the design and color, the Paters are flanked and with white opal glass and the sacred strand is accented with white opal cats’ eye. For this rosary, we chose the image and had the Sacred Heart center custom created. A substantial center, it is framed in bronze and measures 1 ½”. An ornate bronze crucifix measuring 2 ¼” completes this limited edition rosary which measures 21 ½”.
Edition limited to four

Your Sacred Heart Rosary will be shipped in a fabric pouch and gift box.

$110 including shipping outside the US

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$110 including shipping outside the US

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For more information on this devotion:

Pope Pius XII's encyclical "Haurietis Aquas  (On Devotion To The Sacred Heart)

"From the depth of my nothingness, I prostrate myself before Thee, O Most Sacred, Divine and Adorable Heart of Jesus, to pay Thee all the homage of love, praise and adoration in my power."
~ Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque ~

Rosary design copyright Marilyn Nash
All rights reserved