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Handmade One-of-a-Kind, Limited Edition,
and Custom Rosaries, Chaplets and Jewelry

Mystical Rose Rosary

Mystical Rose 

There  is no rose of such virtue 
As is the rose that bear Jesu: 

For in this rose containéd was 
Heaven and earth in little space: 
Res Miranda. (Wonderful Thing)

By that rose we may well see 
There be one God in Persons Three: 
Pares forma.  (Of Equal Form)

The angels sang, the shepherds too: 
Gloria in Excelsis Deo: 
Gaudeamus. (Rejoice)

Leave we all this worldly mirth 
And follow we this joyful birth: 
Transeamus. (Transport Us)

Mary is the most beautiful flower in the garden of our lives. When  darkness burdens our hearts,  we withdraw into the heart of her petals where we are caressed  until sunlight returns. She supports us when the  winds of our trials would have us fall and  in our awareness of this protection, we sense that gentle fragrance that is her's alone. Mary is our Mystical Rose.

Focusing upon Mary’s title as Mystical Rose, we begin this sacred strand with rose Czech glass. Green glass pearls, as both accents and Paters, symbolize the support given by the flower’s stem as it leads into each rose and calls to mind Mary’s support and intercession through the wind and storms of our lives. The green glass pearls and gentle green leaves on the crucifix and center also call to mind Mary’s title, “The New Eve.” Further representing Mary as the perfect flower, the Paters are flanked with silver floral caps. Rose enamel crucifix and center complete this very limited edition rosary which measures 22”.
Limited to an addition of two

Your Mystical Rose rosary will be shipped in a fabric pouch and gift box.​

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just one Mystical Rose Remaining
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Just one Mystical Rose Rosary Remaining

How did Mary become the Rosa Mystica, the choice, delicate, perfect flower of God's spiritual creation? It was by being born, nurtured and sheltered in the mystical garden or Paradise of God. Scripture makes use of the figure of a garden, when it would speak of heaven and its blessed inhabitants. A garden is a spot of ground set apart for trees and plants, all good, all various, for things that are sweet to the taste or fragrant in scent, or beautiful to look upon, or useful for nourishment; and accordingly in its spiritual sense it means the home of blessed spirits and holy souls dwelling there together, souls with both the flowers and the fruits upon them, which by the careful husbandry of God they have come to  bear, flowers and fruits of grace, flowers more beautiful and more fragrant than those of any garden, fruits more delicious and exquisite than can be matured by earthly husbandman.
All that God has made speaks of its Maker; the mountains speak of His eternity; the sun of His immensity, and the winds of His Almightiness. In like manner flowers and fruits speak of His sanctity, His love, and His providence; and such as are flowers and fruits, such must be the place where they are found. That is to say, since they are found in a garden, therefore a garden has also excellences which speak of God, because it is their home. For instance, it would be out of place if we found beautiful flowers on the mountain-crag, or rich fruit in the sandy desert. As then by flowers and fruits are meant, in a mystical sense, the gifts and graces of the Holy Ghost, so by a garden is meant mystically a place of spiritual repose, stillness, peace, refreshment, and delight.
Thus our first parents were placed in "a garden of pleasure" shaded by trees, "fair to behold and pleasant to eat of," with the Tree of Life in the midst, and a river to water the ground. Thus our Lord, speaking from the cross to the penitent robber, calls the blessed place, the heaven to which He was taking him, "paradise," or a garden of pleasure. Therefore St. John, in the Apocalypse, speaks of heaven, the palace of God, as a garden or paradise, in which was the Tree of Life giving forth its fruits every month.
Such was the garden in which the Mystical Rose, the Immaculate Mary, was sheltered and nursed to be the Mother of the All Holy God, from her birth  to her espousals to St. Joseph, a term of thirteen years. For three years of it she was in the arms of her holy mother, St. Anne, and then for ten years she lived in the temple of God. In those blessed gardens, as they may be called, she lived by herself, continually visited by the dew of God's grace, and growing up a more and more heavenly flower, till at the end of that period she was meet for the inhabitation in her of the Most Holy. This was the outcome of the Immaculate Conception. Excepting her, the fairest rose in the paradise of God has had upon it blight, and has had the risk of canker-worm and locust. All but Mary; she from the first was perfect in her sweetness and her beautifulness, and at length when the angel Gabriel had to come to her, he found her "full of grace," which had, from her good use of it, accumulated in her from the first moment of her being.

~Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman~

"Eve was a thorn, wounding, bringing death to all; in Mary we see a rose, soothing everybody's hurts, giving the destiny of salvation back to all. Mary was a rose, white for maidenhood, red for love; white in body, red in soul; white in her seeking after virtue, red in treading down vice; white in cleansing her affections, red in mortifying her flesh; white in her love of God, red in compassion for her neighbor" 
~ Saint Bernard of Clair Vaux ~

All rosary designs ~ copyright Marilyn Nash