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Charles Timbal, The Virgin in the Praetorium -1853,


Handmade One-of-a-Kind, Limited Edition,
and Custom Rosaries, Chaplets and Jewelry

Glass and Crystal Rosaries and Chaplets

To simplify your browsing, glass and crystal rosaries are arranged by color

Immaculate Heart of Mary blue glass rosary
Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary based on the Revelations of Saint Bridget of Sweden
Assumption light blue glass rosary
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Catholic Rosary
~Reduced Price~
~Just one remaining~
Flight into Egypt Catholic Rosary
Our Lady of Tears Catholic rosary
Chaplet for World Peace
Chaplet for World Peace
~Reduced Price~

Star of the Sea/Stella Maris crystal & shell rosary
Seat of Wisdom Glass Pearl Rosary
Cause of Our Joy Rosary ~ Honoring Mary's Title
Saint Jude Crystal Rosary
Requiescant Rosary~a prayer for the faithful departed
Catholic Rosary ~ Our Lady of Humility
Catholic Rosary~Correspondance to Grace
Mystical Rose Catholic Rosary
Mary Queen of Angels Rosary
~Just one remaining~

~Reduced Price~
~Just one remaining~

Sacred Heart of Jesus Rosary
Rosary ~ Anima Christi/Soul of Christ
~Reduced Price~
~Just one remaining~

Memorare Rosary
Immaculate Heart of Mary Amethyst Glass Rosary
Catholic Rosary Chain of Grace
The Wedding at Cana Catholic Rosary
Saint Michael the Archangel Chaplet
 Mary Mother of Mankind
~If you are interested in this rosary, please email us for information~

Morning Star Yellow Catholic Rosary
Heavens Masterpiece Glass Pearl and Copper Rosary
Saint Rita of Casica Rosary
Penticost Catholic Rosary
white & Clear
Our Lady of the Snows Limited Edition Rosary
Saint Peregrine Rosary
White Lilly of the Glorious Rosary
Catholic Rosary ~The New Eve
~Just one remaining~
~Reduced Price~

~Reduced Price~

Saint Joseph Rosary
The Mother of Our Judge Rosary
Varnish beads &
red tiger eye
~Reduced Price~
~just one remaining~

~Reduced Price~
~just one remaining~

Gray & Silver
God of My Heart Limited Edition Rosary
Seven Sorrows of Mary Servite Rosary
Mirror of Justice Catholic Rosary
Dark Night of the Soul Limited Edition Rosary
~Reduced Price~
~just one remaining~

~Reduced Price~

God of My Heart Limited Edition Rosary
How Great is the Sweetness Rosary
Catholic Rosary ~ A Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul
Rosary for Priests ~ Copyright Marilyn Nash
The Jesus Rosary ~ A message from  Medjugorje
The Jesus Rosary ~ A message from  Medjugorje
~Just one remaining~

“The greatest method of praying is to pray the Rosary.”
~Saint Francis de Sales~

All rosaries copyright Marilyn Nash
all rights reserved