Rosaries in this gallery are $60. to $100.
"The rich man who gives to the poor does not bestow alms but pays a debt."
~ Saint Ambrose of Milan ~

All rosary designs copyright Marilyn Nash

Hand Crafted "One of a Kind" ,  Limited Edition  and 
Custom Rosaries and Chaplets

Welcome to  our collection of  rosaries  priced from $60. to $100.  Custom rosaries are available.  If you don't find  a rosary which  harmonizes with your personal  spirituality, we would love to  create one especially for you. To discuss  your custom rosary, please 
e-mail us.
*We regret that as of 1 June, 2016, additional costs will be added for items shipped outside the US. If these costs are not yet reflected here, you will be billed an extra shipping fee when we receive notice of your purchase.
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Precious Blood
~Just one remaining~
~~Just one remaining~

~Sold ~ Thank you ~
~Sold out~
~Thank you~
Mount of Olives
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The Mother of 
Our Judge
~Just one remaining~
Mary and the Holy Spirit
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Morning Star
~Just one remaining~