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 Mother of Sorrows

​“Thy heart did not consider the horror, but the suffering: Non considerabat cor tuum horrorem, sed dolorem.” Ah, thy heart did not then care for its own sorrow, but for the suffering and death of thy dear Son; and therefore thou thyself didst wish to be near him, at least to compassionate him.
~Saint Bonaventure~


Plea For Mary's Help

May she who experienced the cares and hardships of earthly life, the weariness of daily toil, the hardships and trials of poverty, and the sorrows of Calvary, come to aid the needs of the Church and the human race. May she graciously lend an ear to the devout pleas of those all over the world who beg her for peace. May she enlighten the minds of those who rule nations. And finally, may she prevail on God, who rules the winds and storms, to calm the tempests in men's warring hearts and grant us peace in our day. What we seek is true peace grounded on the sturdy foundations of justice and love—on a justice which recognizes the legitimate rights of the weak as well as those of the strong; on a love which keeps men from falling into error through excessive concern for their own interests. Thus each person's rights may be safeguarded without the rights of others being forgotten or violated. 

APRIL 29, 1965

Behold the words in which Mary revealed to Saint Bridget the pitiable state of her dying Son, as she saw him on the cross: “My dear Jesus was on the cross in grief and in agony; his eyes were sunken, half closed, and lifeless; the lips hanging, and the mouth open; the cheeks hollow, and attached to the teeth; the face lengthened, the nose sharp, the countenance sad; the head had fallen upon his breast, the hair black with blood, the stomach collapsed, the arms and legs stiff, and the whole body covered with wounds and blood.”
Mary also suffered all these pains of Jesus. Every torture inflicted on the body of Jesus, says St. Jerome, was a wound in the heart of the mother. Any one of us who should then have been on Mount Calvary, would have seen two altars, says St. John Chrysostom, on which two great sacrifices were consummating, one in the body of Jesus, the other in the heart of Mary.
Saint Augustine also says the same thing: The cross and nails of the Son were also the cross and nails of the mother; Christ being crucified, the mother was also crucified.
~ Saint Alphonsus de Liguori~

This rosary was created to honor Mary as our Sorrowful Mother.  
Representing the depth and darkness of her pain as she watched her Son suffer, we have chosen dark blue glass for the main color of this rosary. The lampwork Paters repeat the colors in the pictorial center. Clear glass covers a red background with pink and white roses which always symbolize Our Lady.  Imported from Italy, an Our Lady of Sorrows center and two sided crucifix complete this limited edition rosary which measures 21 ½”.
Limited to an edition of three.

Your Our Mother of Sorrows rosary will be shipped in a fabric pouch and gift box.

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$59.50 including shipping within the US

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"the blessed Virgin advanced in her pilgrimage of faith, and faithfully persevered in her union with her Son until she stood at the Cross, in keeping with the divine plan (John 19:25), suffering deeply with her only-begotten Son, associating herself with his sacrifice in her mother's heart, and lovingly consenting to the immolation of the victim who was born of her."
~Second Vatican Council~  

“I did not leave him,” thus the blessed Virgin revealed to Saint Bridget, “and stood nearer to his cross.”
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