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"So valuable to heaven is the dignity of the human soul that every member of the human race has a guardian angel from the moment the person begins to be." 
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What Will You Give Jesus for His Birthday?

by Marilyn Nash on 12/11/18

11 December, 2018


What Will You Give Jesus for His Birthday?


Do you remember the song of the Little Drummer Boy?

“I have no gift to bring…….That's fit to give our king”

What gift will you bring to our King for His birthday? 

Reflecting upon this, I have thoughts as to what gifts I would like to offer Jesus and I would like to share my “Jesus Gift List” with others.  Of course, before deciding on our offerings, prayer, reflection and a long honest look at ourselves are necessary. Honest self-reflection is difficult for in this, we must face our dark side and, like it or not, we all have one.   I can’t speak for others. I can only examine myself and I do this by going deeply within and, with willingness, recognize the dark side of my heart and soul.  Then, with sincere commitment to obey, ask that Jesus will tell me what He would like me to offer Him.  I don’t think He is asking for these things just for His birthday.  I believe He would like them every day, so my prayer begins with the request that He will give me the strength to give what He asks.  With hope that the gifts I want to offer are the gifts He wants, I bring my list to Him and, in reflection, I see Him smiling and nodding in agreement.

First and foremost, I offer my love and my commitment to keep Him in the center of my life always and in all ways.

I want to give him any and all of my human frailties.  I know He will gift them back to me but first He will bless them so that they may change, and when He returns them to me, they will have changed from dark to light.  It is then, my choice to work to keep that light above darkness.

  I want to give Him my life; every aspect of it, completely and with the understanding that I am not, nor have I ever been in control of it.

I want to give Him my judgments, prejudices, selfishness, ingratitude, pride, and insecurities.  I want to purge attachments, live more simply and with greater gratitude.  I want to give him the seeds that are obedience, humility and charity and ask that he water these seeds so that they may blossom. 

And my trust!  I want to give Him complete trust. 

I have no gold, frankincense, or myrrh.  Neither do I have a drum or a song but I have kindness and love for others and I know that Our Precious Lord values this.  After all, did He not say, “love your neighbor as yourself?”


May you enjoy a peace-filled and prayerful Advent.


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