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The Ugly Aftermath

by Marilyn Nash on 11/15/16

15 November, 2016

This election was probably the ugliest in history.  The candidates were ugly and that, in itself, is bad enough but what is worse is the ugliness and hatred brought out in its aftermath.

Throughout my life, I have always tried to help the downtrodden.  I spent years volunteering with people with AIDS.  Among these people were black, white, veterans, gays, Latinos, drug addicts, wealthy and poor.  I voted for Donald Trump so I have been called a racist.

I have always been a person who would take from myself to help another but I feel it is time we stop giving free everything to people who are adept at working the system and begin helping those who are truly in need; like the elderly who have to choose between food or medication.   I have been called uncharitable.

I don’t want refugees left out in the cold with no food or shelter.  I want that we help them but I also believe that we need some type of screening so that we are not, while helping the good, bringing in those who want to harm us.  I have been called unchristian.

All my life, I have had friends who are gay.  I wept when we lost friends to AIDS.  I sat with those who were grieving when they lost loved ones.  I love our gay friends.  I have been called homophobic. 

I am opposed to abortion.  I am pro-life.  I hate the fact that a late term (or any term) baby can be aborted; that their tiny bodies whose hearts are beating can be literally ripped apart and thrown into a garbage pail and there is no remorse for this brutal action.  But this is not brought up when I am being chastised.

I am Catholic and I want the right to worship freely as a Catholic and not be told that I must change my religious beliefs to suit the system.  I will not apologize for that.

I have seen some ugly posts and ugly actions in regard to this election.  Here’s what I have not seen:

I have not seen Liberals admit that Margaret Sanger (the woman who started Planned Parenthood and who was much admired by Hillary Clinton) began Planned Parenthood as a means to cleanse the earth of who she believed to be undesirables. (“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.” ~ Margaret Sanger)

And while they are screaming for Donald Trump’s organization to be investigated, I have not seen Liberals admit that Hillary Clinton is dishonest and donations to the Clinton Foundation have mysteriously found their way into the Clinton’s pockets. 


I don’t understand how any Catholic can justify voting for a pro-abortion candidate but I will have to answer to God for my soul, not theirs.  Neither will I bring my soul to the level of name calling and intentionally hurting people whose opinions differ from my own.  If I loved you before this election, I love you today. 

I just find it so ironic that those who want equality, togetherness and fairness are the ones who are protesting, rioting and using words; cruel words and name calling to get their point across.  

Perhaps God has had it with the anti-God society and decided to step in and give us a change for at least four years?


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