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~ Saint Jerome ~

Praying the Rosary with a Quiet Rhythm.

by Marilyn Nash on 10/12/15

12 October, 2015

“By its nature the recitation of the rosary calls for a quiet rhythm and a lingering pace, helping the individual to meditate on the mysteries of the Lord’s life as grasped by the heart of her who was closer to the Lord than all others”

~Pope Paul VI~

Lately I have been hearing many people say things like, “It takes only twenty minutes to pray the Rosary,” or “I pray ten rosaries every day.”  I can’t help but wonder how it is possible to do this and give the prayer its deserving meditations.  The Rosary is not a string of beads which was created to be held as each Mystery is announced and each Our Father and Hail Mary is quickly recited.  The Rosary is Sacred Scripture on a string.  I truly believe that one decade prayed slowly, and with a depth of meditation upon its mystery, is more valuable than a full rosary prayed mechanically. 

I once had a friend tell me that, when she prays the Sorrowful Mysteries, she always finds herself weeping by the time she comes to The Crucifixion.  This is because she places herself in each mystery and experiences it as she prays.  If we are merely “reciting” the Rosary, we are missing its beauty and the opportunity to walk through the life of Jesus with His mother. 

We also have been given the Fruits and Virtues of each mystery. By focusing upon each fruit, we are lead to more reflective prayer.  An example is the first Joyful Mystery.  Its fruit is humility.  Contemplating Mary’s humility can lead us to examine our own pride and, hopefully, our need to become more humble. 

We are given endless gifts in the prayer that is the Rosary but we they are gifts which remain unopened when we rush through the prayer without taking time for reflection. 

So I ask that, today, before you begin praying your Rosary, lie it down before you and look at it.  You will see that it begins and ends with the cross.  All beads lead us to Jesus through Mary.  As you pick it up to begin your recitation, do it with the intention of praying slowly and with focus upon each mystery.  I guarantee that you will find greater depth and peace, in its prayer, than you have known when praying it in twenty minutes. 


Copyright Marilyn Nash ~ 12 October, 2015

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