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Holy Face Rosary
Prayer to the Holy Face of Jesus

Holy Face of Jesus, Be my joy. 
Holy Face of Jesus, Be my strength.
Holy Face of Jesus, Be my health. 
Holy Face of Jesus, Be my courage. 
Holy Face of Jesus, Be my wisdom. 
Holy Face of Jesus, Image of the Father, Provide for me.
Holy Face of Jesus, Mirror of Thy Priestly Heart, Be my zeal. 
Holy Face of Jesus, Gift of the Spirit, Show me Thy love.
Holy Face of Jesus, saddened by sorrow, Grant my requests through Thy merits.

Jesus had been brutally scourged. He was tied and his head was pierced with a crown of thorns when Pontius Pilot presented Him to a hostile crowd shortly before His crucifixion. He pointed to Jesus and yelled to the crowd, “Ecce Homo” which is the Latin term meaning “Behold the Man.”
From this scene, Our Lord was given His cross and made to carry it along the stone road known as the Via Dolorosa, to His own crucifixion. 
The Stations of the Cross is the devotion that venerates Jesus’ walk from this beginning to His crucifixion and entombment. Of these fourteen events, the sixth station is Veronica Wipes Jesus' Face.
Saint Veronica, with a cloth believed to be her veil, wiped sweat and blood from Jesus’ face. When she took the cloth away, it was left with an image of His sacred face. This image is known as the Holy Face and has become a popular devotion among Catholics.

This rosary is devoted to the Holy Face of Jesus.
Symbolizing the darkness of these events, we chose black as the main color of this rosary. Spacing the black is golden topaz crystal. The same color glass is repeated in the unique faceted saucer bead Paters. This color was chosen to represent the light that would follow the darkness. Italian imported detailed bronze Holy Face center and Pardon Crucifix complete this limited edition rosary which measures 18 ½”.
Limited to an addition of three

Your Holy Face Rosary will be shipped in a fabric pouch and gift box

$87.50 including shipping within the US

$105 including shipping outside the US  

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“Let us firmly trust that, through the infinite merits of Christ's Passion and the dolors of Mary, we shall forever sing the mercies of the Most High.”  
~ Saint Paul of the Cross ~

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