Hand Crafted "One of a Kind" ,  Limited Edition  
and Custom  Rosaries and Chaplets 

​"You are rewarded not according to your work or your time but according to the measure of your love." 
~Saint Catherine of Siena ~Dialogue 165~

Rosary design copyright Marilyn Nash ~ 2016
All rights reserved

And I will manifest Myself to them, as My Truth said in these words: ’He who loves Me shall be one thing with Me and I with him, and I will manifest Myself to him and we will dwell together.’ This is the state of two dear friends, for though they are two in body, yet they are one in soul through the affection of love, because love transforms the lover into the object loved, and where two friends have one soul, there can be no secret between them, wherefore My Truth said: ’I will come and we will dwell together,’ and this is the truth.”
~The Dialogue of Saint Catherine of Siena~  

This most beautiful writing was given to Saint Catherine of Siena during one of her mystical conversations with God. In reading this, I found myself drawn into a depth of gratefulness for the friendships with which I have been blessed throughout the years. Because I believe it to be one of the greatest gifts we are given, this rosary was created as an expression of gratitude for friendship and in prayer that Mary, our friend and mother, will wrap her mantle around each two friends who share one soul. 

This rosary begins with the sparkle of iridescent cube beads. Their peach-tone color is gentle yet their silhouette is firm. The hearts of friends share in brokenness and happiness; experiencing with each other, the joys and sorrows of life. These beads were chosen to represent the balance within a true friendship; the times when one needs the other’s strength or compassion. At times, each must shelter the other from harm. Symbolic of this shield and parallel to the protection of a tree in summer, we have chosen hand carved leaves, in strawberry quartz, for the Paters. Symbolism continues with the hand cast fixtures. The “Mary with Lilies” bronze center represents Our Lady, who is both friend and mother to us, and the openwork crucifix offers the openness of Jesus as he forgave all who betrayed Him. 
This very limited edition rosary measures slightly over 20”.
Limited to an addition of three

Your “Friendship” rosary will be shipped in a fabric pouch and gift box.
$95.50 including shipping worldwide

~Sold out ~ Thank you~

~Sold out ~ Thank you ~
The Dialogue of Saint Catherine of Siena

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