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 Fatima ~ The Miracle of the Sun

The story of a famous miracle in Fátima, Portugal, began in May 1917. When, 
Three children, on their way home from tending a flock of sheep, encountered an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Lucia, the oldest of the children, was the only one to whom Mary spoke. She told Lucia that she would appear to the children on the thirteenth day of each month for the next six months.
The events of the following six months and miracles attributed to Our Lady of Fatima are well known by most Catholics. This rosary focuses upon the last apparition at Fatima and what is known as The Miracle of the Sun.

This rosary is dedicated to “The Miracle of the Sun.”

Representing the tone of the dark rainy day, we have chosen a deep teal for the Aves in this rosary. Visual symbolism is most apparent in the handmade lampwork Paters with a swirling design representing the spinning of the sun. Keeping its depth in color, an imported Italian Fatima center is bordered with teal. A large open-work crucifix completes this limited edition rosary which measures 21”.
Your “Miracle of the Sun” rosary will be shipped in a fabric pouch and gift box.

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Newspapers reported that the Virgin Mary had promised a miracle for her last apparition on October 13. After this report, a crowd ranging from 30,000 to 40,000 people, including reporters, photographers and sceptics, gathered at Cova da Iria to witness what we now know as the "Miracle of the Sun". What happened was so astonishing that even non-believers could not contradict it. A report, which appeared in the secular Lisbon paper O Dia, read:

The silver sun … was seen to whirl and turn in the circle of broken clouds. A cry went up from every mouth and the people fell on their knees on the muddy ground. … The light turned a beautiful blue as if it had come through the stained-glass windows of a cathedral and spread itself over the people who knelt with outstretched hands. The blue faded slowly and then the light seemed to pass through yellow glass. … People wept and prayed with uncovered heads in the presence of the miracle they had awaited. The seconds seemed like hours, so vivid were they.

$72.50 including shipping within the US
$87.50 including shipping outside the US
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Father John De Marchi, an Italian Catholic priest and researcher wrote several books on the subject, which included descriptions by witnesses who believed they had seen a miracle created by Mary.  
According to accounts, after a period of rain, the dark clouds broke and the sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disc in the sky. It was said to be significantly duller than normal, and it cast multicolored lights across the landscape, the people, and the surrounding clouds. The sun then sped towards the earth before zig-zagging back to its normal position. Witnesses reported that their previously wet clothes became "suddenly and completely dry, as well as the wet and muddy ground that had been previously soaked because of the rain that had been falling"
Father De Marchi spent seven years in Fátima, from 1943 to 1950, conducting research and interviewing witnesses at length. In The Immaculate Heart, published in 1952, Father De Marchi reported that, those present on 13 October included believers and non-believers, pious old ladies and scoffing young men.
“Reports vary. Some impressions are in minor details confused, but none to our knowledge has directly denied the visible prodigy of the sun."

Father De Marchi authored several books on the subject, such as The True Story of Fátima. They include a number of witness descriptions.

True Story of Fatima

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