Hand Crafted "One of a Kind", Limited Edition 
and Custom Rosaries and Chaplets 
Glass and Crystal Rosaries by Color

"If we do not radiate the Light of Christ around us, the sense of the darkness that prevails in the world will increase." 
~Mother Teresa ~

All rosary designs copyright Marilyn Nash
 Welcome to  our collection of glass and crystal rosaries.  
 Because our collection is constantly growing, and we would like your browsing to be uncomplicated,  we are grouping our glass and crystal rosaries by colors. Below each thumbnail is a link to a page with full description and symbolism of each rosary. 
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 Custom rosaries are available.  If you don't find the a rosary which  harmonizes with your personal  spirituality, we would love to  create one especially for you. To discuss  your custom rosary, you can contact us at Gardenias4Lina@aol.com.
We are always adding new rosaries, so be sure to scroll the entire page. 
Our Lady of Sorrows
~Just one remaining~
Peace Be Still!
~Just one remaining~
Blue and Green
Purple, Pink and Red
Precious Blood
~Just one remaining~
Divine Mercy
Dyed turquoise

Yellow, Gold, Clear, Peach and White
Neutral, Brown, Gray and Black
Just one remaining
The Mother of Our Judge
~Just one remaining~
Saint Peregrine Rosary
~Just one remaining~
~Sold out~
~Thank you~
Mary and the 
Holy Spirit
~Just one remaining~